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  • ​BICSI Installer 2
  • BICSI Installer 2/ Copper
  • 30486-SP-FA/LV
  • ​Extron EAVA
  • Chief
  • Infocomm - CTS
TG Solutions, Inc., Network Cabling Installation, Wake Forest, NC

About TG Solutions

        ​TG Solutions was opened on 09/07/2012 on the back deck of Greg Oliver's house in Raleigh NC. The idea and concept of the company came from a group of guys that thought they could put out higher quality work as well as run a company better than the former companies they had worked for. Greg Oliver quit his job in order to get everything started and little did he know that it would take off as quickly as it did. With the support and sacrifice of Blake Norris and Jason Eckert doing the same, the company has been built up to where it is now. 

        Greg Oliver is the founder of TG Solutions. He got started with electronics in 2003 when he left the small town of Webberville MI to join United States Air Force as a radio technician. This allowed him to build on his love of electronics. After being honorably discharged from the USAF. He was able to convince his mother to give him a loan to open TG Solutions with no idea of what the future may hold.  His structured cable experience and the help and support of everyone at TG Solutions has made them everything they are today, well rounded, dedicated, hard working and honest.

        TG Solutions has taken a concept into reality. Any of their customers today will describe them as exactly what they had decided on that back deck in Raleigh NC. This will continue with every location and allow TG Solutions to have a large reach to be able to satisfy any customer they have.

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"It has always been a team effort and always will be. We feed off each other and help each other everyday. Whether it is a question on a job or just a call to see how the day is going, everyone in the company is only a phone call away. We are more like family than a company."

​-Greg Oliver